Social Media and Search Ads

Social media and search engines are where your customers live. That’s obvious. Getting their attention if they're not already following you on social media or don't already know your brand, that’s not so obvious. 

As a small business you have to be smart. You can’t rely on bulk or scale. You have to use strategy. That means leveraging what’s free and spending strategically. Social media and search ads enable you to do just that by

  • Helping people find you when they’re looking for what you have to offer.

  • Letting them know what you have to offer based on what they’re interest in.


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Social Media Ads

Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn.

It's where your customers are and it's where you should be.  On our social media accounts, we join groups, like pages, demonstrate our interestes. These social media advertising platforms use that information to show your ads to only people who will have a genuine interest in your product or service.

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APP & Website Ads

Banner ads. Right Column Ads. Mid Content Ads. In-App Ads.

Audience network  is a group of apps and websites outside of Facebook and Instagram that publish Facebook ads within their content. The Audience Network includes over 500 apps and allows advertisers to place ads in the following formats: native, banner, interstitial, in-stream videos, and reward videos.


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Search Ads

Google Ads. Pay Per Click. SEO.

As an internet user, you live and die in search trying to find answers to questions, discover solutions to problems, buy what you need, locate places to visit, and discover things to do. As a small business owner, you need to be in that search space right there with your customers. Search Ads give you the ability to put your message out where customers are looking for what you do best.  However, you can't be generic or lazy because you don't have the budget. You have to use your business savvy, marketing research, and customer knowledge to pick the right keywords and phrases (longtail keywords) so they can find you.