Social Media

Social media is the new marketplace. It’s where people connect, communicate, and consume. If you want to sell your businesses goods and services and survive, you have to be in it. But you don’t have to be everywhere. You just need to be where your customers are. That’s the essence of our social media strategy for small businesses.

We focus on

  • Building brand awareness among those people that are actually interested in your solution

  • Creating a loyal fan base among customers of your business

  • Improving ROI because that benefits the business and not getting likes that may not

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Accounts or Channels

The social media landscape is expanding on the daily. The secret to social media is being in the channels in which your customers are. If you’re blowing up in Twitter and your customers are all on Instagram, you’re just blowing up. Money and minutes upon minutes of your precious time are being expended and no ones getting your message.  

It’s imperative that you do your market research and pick the right social networks. We work with you to know where your customers are and where they’re going. That way, you can market to them now and meet them when they arrive at their next social media channel of choice.

Management and REporting

It’s a social network so think of it in social terms. How often would you like to hear from your favorite massage therapist or tax accountant or organic grocer? We help you research your audience, understand their preferences, and build a posting cadence that meets their needs and your ability to consistently deliver. Because if you don’t know your audience and their expectations, you’ll soon know defeat.

We also help you measure metrics that matter to your business. Anyone can generate glossy reports that are all glitter and glam. We help you identify what data drives your business and then pinpoint that in your reports. We know that information overload isn’t just real, it can paralyze a small business.

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Content Creation

One of social media’s mantras is that you must constantly create engaging content. The magic is creating the right content for your customers. Cat videos are phenomenally engaging. However, if you’re not selling cats, they are, like cats (in our opinion), pretty useless.

We work with you to create engaging content and get your users to create content for you. Because we don’t care what the Kardashians are up to, we care to know what your customers are up to and the problems that they’re struggling with and how you can help them.